Limited Liability Company Florin is specialized in household goods distribution in the Russian Federation. Thanks to a well-developed distributor network you can find the companys household goods and kitchenware in every house from Saint Petersburg and Murmansk to Barnaul and . . Hoping for your interest and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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As a basis of its activity the company Florin gives priority to the work at high-quality and full assortiment supply. We are ready to fulfill the needs of our clients in all dominant positions of household goods. Every client will be able to find all necessary items and make an appropriate offer for an ultimate consumer. Any position presented in our list is much in demand and will find its customer.

Kitchen goods. Bright. Summer-like. Budget.
Wood has always been the symbol of ecological compatibility and naturalness. It is the main concept of this product line.
TM Atmosphere includes different product lines such as kitchen goods, household goods and goods for cleaning. All items are combined into several lines:
Household goods, cleaning utensils and disposable products for cooking and storage.
Our pride is an ergonomic two-compenent handle. Kitchen utensils of medium price that combine the full range of kitchen goods from a trowel to a honey stick.
The most necessary household goods made of plastic at a low cost
It is one of the biggest manufacturers in Russia which deals with plastic household goods and doesnt need any advertisement
Plastic from Europe. Bright and innovative.
Full range of plastic household goods from alpha to omega.
The products of Italian brand Cavallo are distinguished by extraordinary design and bright colours. Choose design to click with your mood.
The products of Polish brand Sagad always stand out for their specialty bright colours. All items are presented in a wide variety of colours. Plates are made of strong plastic and have a perfect smooth inner surface that provides hygienics. Besides, there is a line of goods with a lid (plates, cups and glasses). Tight lids are made of polythene and fit the items well providing full tightness of all goods.
The fullest range of household goods including sponges, cloths, garbage bags and disposable items for cooking and storage.
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